Local Business Spotlight! Meet "Chevron Dog Training"

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Local Business Spotlight! Meet "Chevron Dog Training"

Featured Business:

 Chevron Dog Training

Meet Ryan from Chevron Dog Training. 

Ryan has 15 years experience working with dogs. "I have always loved dogs, my passion for working with them became really evident when I was in the British Army working as a trainer.
This passion carried over when I left the services and started my own business, Chevron Dog Training, through which I hope to improve greater understanding between humans and dogs. "

Chevron training can help you with:
* Excessive barking
* Pulling on the lead
* Jumping inappropriately
* Displaying aggression
* Displaying fear or anxiety
* Chewing
* Digging
* Inappropriate excitement
* Separation anxiety

Would ultimately love to see a world where balance is found and training is common and even taught in schools.

To find out more contact Ryan @Chevron Dog Training  
Facebook/Instagram Or call 0415 850 505.