Blue Leaves - Snuggle Dog Bed

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Small - 50cm x 40cm x 18cm
Medium - 65cm x 50cm x 18cm
Large - 75cm x 60cm x 20cm
Extra Large - 90cm x 70cm x 20cm

Our snuggle bud dog beds are the perfect option for pets with anxiety, or those who simply love the feeling of being held. The superior cushioning adjusts to the dog’s unique shape for ultimate comfort, while the lifted edges provide a sense of safety and security.

Perfect for the Aussie climate, the durable and luxurious velvet material keeps pups warm in winter and cool in summer. The cushion of our Snuggle Bud beds can also be flipped to reveal a faux-fur surface that will remind your pup of snuggling with mum. Exactly what every Australian dog desires!

Our Snuggle Bud dog beds comes with washable covers on both the cushion and the bed base, making it easy to keep them looking cute, fresh and smelling great.

The design's colour palette of aqua and dark blue is effortlessly stylish and features a subtle geometric design that suits any home. 

We have the Medium one in stock.