Hide n slide! Dog treat puzzle

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Nina Ottossons range of interactive games and toys have been designed to exercise both your dogs body and mind. As dogs have different levels of intelligence, Nina Ottosson toys are created to have varying levels of challenge - so youre sure to find the perfect fit! Not only do interactive games help to prevent boredom and behavioural problems, they help to strengthen your dogs bond with you for a long and lasting friendship.


The Hide n Slide is a puzzle feeder for dogs that can be used with treats, wet food or dry kibble. To play, place treats in the circular blocks and compartments. Swivel the flippers to cover the compartments. Leave some compartments open to make the game easier. Watch your dog paw and nose the flippers to find the hidden goodies inside! For the most experienced dogs, freeze wet food into the compartments for a long-lasting boredom buster. The Hide n Slide has an elegant real wood look, but the material will not splinter and is easy to clean.


Puzzle treat game for dogs

Compatible with treats, dry or wet food

Variable levels of difficulty

Can be frozen to extend the fun

Durable composite material with real wood look

Hand-wash with warm soapy water

Dimensions: 5 cm x 33 cm