Dog nappies / belly bands (variety)

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Going on a long road trip and want the added protection between stops?  Is your old girl/boy getting on, suffers with incontinence and having a few accidents or do you have a new puppy that is being stubbornly resistant to using their pee pads or going outside?  Toilet training doesn't have to be a nightmare!

Your girl may also be on heat/menstrual and is leaving evidence behind or being "harassed" by the other dogs in the house. 

- Washable.

-Leak resistant (unless incorrectly measured/fitted eg: too big)

- Lined for added protection.

- Reusable Stylish Lightweight Durable Long lasting Velcro

- Adjustable sizing Environmentally conscious

- Small - 24-32cm / Medium - 32-37cm / Large - 37-48cm