Flexi Retractable Lead

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5m/16ft long tape. 
* Modern ergonomic design
* Comfortable braking system
* Perfected tape guidance system

Introducing the ultimate solution for adventurous walks with your furry companion: the Flexi retractable dog leash! Available in two sizes to suit your pup's needs - Small for up to 15kg dogs and Large for up to 50kg breeds.

Experience the joy of giving your dog ample freedom to explore while maintaining control with its retractable cord design. Say goodbye to tangled messes and dangling leashes on the ground - the leash's retractable cord always stays taut, ensuring a hassle-free stroll every time.

With its short-stroke braking system, you're in command of the leash's length with just a quick and easy adjustment. Need to reign in your pup quickly? No problem! Our leash offers extra control at the touch of a button, providing peace of mind during those unpredictable moments.

Take your walks to the next level of convenience and comfort with our retractable dog leash - because every adventure deserves to be enjoyed to the fullest, both by you and your beloved furry friend.