Gettin' Clucky Chicken Meal Topper - 100g

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Introducing Lulu's KitchenChicken Meal Topper – the ultimate canine delight that adds a burst of flavor and nutrition to your furry mate's mealtime! Crafted from lean, high-protein Aussie chicken, this nutrient-dense topper is a must-have for discerning dogs, including those who share Lulu's refined taste buds!

Whether your dog's dinner needs an extra dash of excitement or you're treating them to something truly special, this Chicken Meal Topper is the solution. Sprinkle it over their meal, mix it with creamy Greek Yoghurt, or add it to a lick mat for a delectable and nutritious snack that's bound to make tails wag with joy!


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Made from 100% Aussie Chicken! We take pride in sourcing premium ingredients locally to ensure that your dog gets the finest quality. Every bite is a celebration of Australian goodness, offering your pup an authentic taste of home.


  • Made in Australia
  • Weight: 100g (3.88 oz)

Spoil your dog with the treat they deserve –  elevate mealtime and order now to watch your pup savor a piece of Australia in every bite!