Hop on Top Roo Meal Topper - 100g

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Introducing Lulu's Kitchen "Hop On Top" Kangaroo Meal Topper – a culinary delight made with the finest shredded Kangaroo Proteins, combining Jerky and Kidney! This crumbly and lightweight topper isn't just about adding a burst of flavor; it's a value-packed addition to your pup's meal, offering taste, leanness, and a powerhouse of protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Hop On Top is not just a treat – it's a daily recommendation for your dog's meals. This tantalizing topper provides excellent value for money, ensuring your furry friend enjoys a tasty, lean, and nutrient-rich feast every day.

Sizes: 100g

Product Source:

Made from 100% Aussie Kangaroo! We take pride in sourcing premium Kangaroo proteins locally, guaranteeing your dog the pure goodness of Australian produce.

Spoil your pup with a daily dose of Australian goodness – our "Hop On Top" Kangaroo Meal Topper. It's not just a meal enhancer; it's a wholesome experience that promotes health and happiness. Order now and watch your dog relish the taste of Australia in every bowl!