Roo Riblets

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Kangaroo Rib Racks is a high quality Australian sourced dog treat which is a great entertaining dental chew for small-medium dogs. 

As these kangaroos are free roaming, no one can guarantee that they roam on to non organic land – even though they are surrounded by millions of acres of it! Therefore they could not become certified and we now list them as ‘free roaming’.

On the plus side of free roaming roos, is that their diet consists of grass only – ensuring the highest quality and natural lean meat.

No preservatives, no chemicals and produced in our outback. All made to human grade standards, low fat and allergen free. Great dental aids and longer lasting chew dog treats.

High in antioxidants, and a higher level of Omega 3 versus lamb, beef and pork dog treats. Roo also has high levels of natural B12 vitamins for cell renewal.


Price per unit - size can vary