Kangaroo Tail Tips

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Kangaroo Tail Tips dog treats are the perfect snack for dogs of all sizes to keep them healthy and happy. These treats contain no additives or preservatives and are free from any nasty ingredients and made only from 100% Australian Kangaroo.

They are low in fat, and high in nutrients such as calcium, to keep their bones strong. In addition, they easy to chew to keep your friend entertained.

Consequently, chewing on the tails gives your dog a gum massage that will improve dental health. These are long lasting treats for Small to Medium Dogs so if you’re looking for something longer lasting to give them when you leave the house these tails will be perfect.

Kangaroo is nice lean meat, and although this product contains bone – it is dehydrated, not cooked therefore it is safe for dogs to consume fully giving them the required amount of calcium to improve their diet.

Perfect for all sized dogs, small medium and large, really small dogs might struggle but you can cut these in half. These are a very popular treat.

Sold Individually.