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Tired of your furry friend's mealtime boredom and anxiety? Look no further than the Yoggie Pot – the innovative dog food bowl that turns mealtime into a delightful, enriching experience. Designed to stimulate your dog's senses through the joy of licking and the release of endorphins, this multi-functional bowl is the perfect solution for keeping your canine companion engaged and satisfied.


  • Endless Fun with Licking: The Yoggie Pot encourages your dog to engage in repetitive licking, providing hours of entertainment and mental stimulation. Say goodbye to mealtime monotony!
  • Slow Feeding: This slow feeder dog bowl helps regulate your dog's eating pace, preventing indigestion and bloating. It's suitable for dogs of all sizes, including smaller breeds.
  • Versatile Enrichment: The Yoggie Pot isn't just for meals; it's a long-lasting distractor and enrichment puzzle that works with most dog breeds. You can even freeze treats inside to prolong the licking experience.
  • Compatibility with Various Foods: Whether you feed your dog wet, raw, barf, or soaked kibble, the Yoggie Pot is up to the task. It can also accommodate dry kibble when mixed with yoghurt or other pet-safe foods. Get creative – it's perfect for cheese, sardines, berries, smoothies, fish treats, and more!
  • Generous Capacity: This LickiMat innovation can hold up to half a cup of raw food, making it an ideal interactive feeder and healthy distractor for your furry friend.
  • Training Support**: We care about your dog's well-being. Inside the product packaging, you'll find training notes, recipes, and introduction tips to ensure a smooth transition to the Yoggie Pot. Always supervise and train your dog, especially if you have a puppy, and remember that this LickiMat is not a chew toy.

The Yoggie Pot comes in a variety of colours to suit your style. Make mealtime an adventure for your canine companion and provide the enrichment they crave. Order the Yoggie Pot today and watch your dog's mealtime excitement soar!

One size: 9cm (h) x 9.5cm (w)

The Yoggie Pot is suitable for all breeds and sizes of dogs. LickiMat Yoggie Pot has been successfully used by breeds ranging from Chihuahuas to Great Danes: Labradors, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Corgis, Terriers, Cavaliers, Poodles, Irish Wolfhounds and others.

The Yoggie Pot is dishwasher safe, freezer safe and microwave safe. No BPA, PVC, Phthalates, Silicone or TPE Plastic. Made from plant based Natural Rubber, this LickiMat is 100% recyclable and eco-friendly.