Organic Dog Gelato Kit

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Making your own gelato couldn't be any easier or fun! Available in Birthday Cake, Carob, Vanilla, Peanut Butter, Ginger Bread & Candy Cane. Our classic flavours are here and ready for you to whip up for your favourite pooch!

Made with lactose free fresh whole milk, organic flavours and only human grade ingredients our mixes are guaranteed to get tails wagging. Simply blend the powdered mix with one cup of warm water and pour back into the tub. Freeze overnight and you will have creamy, smooth and dreamy gelato waiting for you in the morning!

Each kit makes 500mL of gelato.

Carob: Lactose free whole milk, gelatin, organic carob, sea salt
Peanut Butter: Lactose free whole milk, gelatin, peanut powder, sea salt
Vanilla: Lactose free whole milk, gelatin, vanilla powder, sea salt