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Your Doggo can now enjoy Happy Hour with you while they slurp on their L'Barkery Pawjito!


Pawijto is a natural, healthy drink for Dogs or cats consisting of Coconut water, Green Spirulina and Peppermint.


Coconut Water: is a natural source of electrolytes in addition helps support a healthy pet immune system. It also aids in adding a quick and easy energy source for your pet.. after exercise or during and after illness. Aids in small kidney stone prevention skin and coat health and so much more...


Green Spirulina: A protein and nutrient rich super food. Supports a healthy immune system and acts as a anti inflammatory and abound in free radicals which help prevent illnesses such as cancer. It has also been seen in studies to aid in freshening breath skin and coat health and keeping your pet in peak condition.


Peppermint leaves: Can relive your pets upset stomach which is great for pets who get car sick. Peppermint leaves also act as an anti oxidant and inflammatory, anti bacterial, anti viral and an anti allergenic and to top it off freshens breath. Peppermint leaves contain flavonoids essential vitamins rosmarinic acid which are all vital in keeping your pet in optimum health. 


 Formulated by L'Barkery's very own pet nutritionist.


Directions: Simply add 150ml of water shake and sereve. Can be sprinkled onto wet or dry food and frozen after mixing for an icy treat.


Ingredients: Pineapple, Pear, Apple and Coconut