Pawty Mix Lollies for Dogs - 100g

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Get ready to Pawty with our Pawty Mix Lollies for Dogs – because your fur baby deserves a taste of the sweet life! No, you haven't gone mad – these delicious, retro-inspired treats are all about adding some fun lovin' flavour to your pup's life. Perfect for spicing up the PAWTY CAKE or as a standalone treato, these lollies are bound to make tails wag and paws dance!

Imagine pulling out a bag of Pawty Mix Lollies at the dog park – your doggo will instantly become the most popular pup around, and you? Well, you'll be the talk of the town! It's not just a treat; it's a paw-ty starter!


Our Pawty Mix Lollies boast a paw-some blend of beetroot, turmeric, blue & green spirulina, raspberry, strawberry, carob, and natural sprinkles – a palette of flavors that'll have your pup begging for more!


One size: 100g

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Manufactured in Australia! We take pride in creating these delectable lollies locally, ensuring that your pup gets a treat made with love and care. Every bag is a celebration of Australian manufacturing and the joy of treating your dog to something special.

Get the paw-ty started with our Pawty Mix Lollies for Dogs – order now and watch your pup indulge in a burst of deliciousness that adds a sprinkle of joy to their day!