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Designed by Groomers for Groomers. Our range of naturally derived shampoos contain no harsh detergents SLS, SLES and parabens and have been used by professional pet groomers since 2009.

ProGroom Shampoo is renowned for its performance due to the use of formulas that are both gentle and effective while also providing long lasting fragrances. Best of all, they offer great value by combining quality and affordability.



Foam cleanser:
Can be applied to dry or wet coat.
Quick spot cleaner for any area.
Ideal for messy faces.
Safe to use near eyes & delicate areas.
Use as a refresher or for daily touch-ups.
Non-irritating formula won't sting eyes.
Perfect for puppy mishaps and dirty paws.
Can be used daily.

Everyday Shampoo 500ml 

Everyday Shampoo for dogs and cats is a gentle and effective pet shampoo formulated for general purpose. Our bestselling shampoo has been used and recommended by professional groomers since 2009.



  • Good for all coat types from silky fine, coarse & curly to thick double coats
  • Gentle on skin, will not irritate or dry out skin
  • Safe for pets that are frequently bathed
  • Maintains effectiveness when used in a hydrobath
  • Easy rinsing, leaves no residue
  • Long lasting Springtime Fragrance
  • Has matching Easy Rinse conditioner
  • Economical concentrated formula



  • All breeds
  • Coat types
  • Dogs Cats, Puppies, kittens and small animals