"Rock garden" - poop bag holder

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Designed in collaboration with artist Rach Jackson, this gorgeous design features her signature bold colours and layered painting style

Our new range of walking accessories have hit the market and we couldn't be prouder to support Australian artists with our wearable art collection. 

Whether it be a walk along the beach or the park in this print The Flying Dog n Co's "Rock garden" is certainly a show stopper with stunning pastel colours & effortless layered flow. 

Clip on to lead and take with you everywhere and never get caught without a dog poop bag! 


- works with general sized poop bag holders

- comes with complimentary 1 roll

- Made with fast drying custom printed neoprene

- clip for easy attachment to lead or belt

- Complete your look with matching harness, Leash, Collar & pet blanket! 

Note: Due to its artistic nature, every design may be slightly different to the picture supplied