DogsLife Eye Wipes 100 Pack

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Introducing DogsLife Eye Wipes – your furry friend's ticket to brighter, happier eyes!

This pack of 100 Pre-soaked eye care wipes is designed to pamper your pooch's peepers, whisking away tear stains and pesky discharge with ease and confidence.

What makes our wipes paws-itively amazing?

  • They gently remove tear stains, leaving those soulful eyes sparkling.
  • They're your dog's trusty companion for tackling eye discharge, ensuring clear vision and comfort.
  • Our Easy non-irritating formula makes eye care a breeze, because your pup deserves nothing but the best.
  • Infused with natural pre-soaked Aloe Vera pads, they provide a soothing touch of nature for your furry friend's delicate eyes.

Using them is a walk in the park:

  1. With clean hands, pluck out an eye wipe from the container.
  2. Lovingly wipe the area below the eye, guiding the pad from the lower eyelid down the face, always away from those precious peepers.
  3. Remember: no direct eye contact!
  4. Seal the lid tightly after use to keep those wipes fresh and ready for action.

Materials: Crafted with care, our 100 pre-soaked Aloe Vera formula promises the utmost in eye care for your beloved companion.

Brighten up your dog's day with DogsLife eye wipes – because every wag deserves a twinkle!