Soothe and Calm Diffuser - Essential Oil

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 Transform your home into a sanctuary of tranquility with our vet-formulated Soothe + Calm Diffuse. Specifically designed with premium quality essential oils that are not only aromatic but also pet-safe. This is a favorite of Dr. Nicole Rous and is perfect for nighttime use, calming the whole family with the soothing benefits of Roman Chamomile.


Diffuse in an open room using 1-2 drops per 100mL of water for no more than two hours, ideally on an intermittent setting.


Australian grown lavender for its gentle soothing and supportive benefits.
Roman chamomile is more highly featured in the night blend than the day blend to help restful sleep.
Bergamot – as well as smelling amazing, it is also great at settling the emotions.
Himalayan cedarwood is added as it also helps to reduce stress and assists sleep, it also helps to reduce inflammation in the gut which is often found in stressed animals.
Neroli oil is added in small amounts for its powerful assistance in stress.
Frankincense rounds out the soothing night blend and is considered a life force oil – great for everything!