Tooth Paste for Dogs with tooth brush

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Dental Fresh with 7-ZymeT Enzymatic Dental Gel contains our patented 7-Enzyme Proprietary Blend to effectively clean teeth while actively reducing germs in the mouth that cause bad breath. Gently whitens teeth and reduces plaque & inflammation. 7-ZymeT attacks the cell walls of mouth bacteria, depriving them of the oxygen and iron needed for survival and proliferation. Clinically proven to heal oral wounds. Effectively cleans teeth without harsh abrasives and foaming agents, while eliminating bad breath and reducing plaque and tartar. Includes the Triflex brush for the hardest-to-reach teeth.

- Saliva activates 7 enzymes to destroy bad breath causing germs & bacteria.
- Freshens breath.
- Reduces plaque & tartar.
- Whitens teeth over time.
- Protects gums and helps to prevent & treat gingivitis.
- Safely helps fight periodontal disease without adverse effects on mouth tissue.